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Luckily, Libra season is here to bring harmony to your work schedule. Self-love is the best love, Gemini. Libra season is here to remind you of your beauty. With the sun shaking up your expressive fifth house of creativity and romance, you'll have no trouble stealing the spotlight.

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Home sweet home, Cancer. With the sun via your domestic fourth house this season, you'll be back in your shell just in time for the crisp fall weather. Libra season is here to bring harmony into your inner world. Play nice, Leo.

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Libra season is revitalizing your communication sector and social media presence. With the sun via your chatty third house of immediate exchanges, you'll be wearing your charming diplomat hat in no time.

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Shop 'til you drop, Virgo. With the sun via your pleasure-seeking second house of values, you won't think twice about adding another piece to your jewelry collection. Libra season is here to remind you of your worth.

Sun in Libra Horoscopes

Happy birthday, you gorgeous child of Aphrodite! You're the celestial favorite this season, and you're ready to party. Libra season is here to energize and revitalize you as you celebrate another trip around the sun. Don't be so hard on yourself, Scorpio.

Horoscope For Libra Today

Libra season is here to help you retreat and find inner peace. Besides, with the sun beaming through your 12th house of all things behind the scenes, you'll probably be catching up on some shut-eye. Hanging with your blogger baddies, Sagittarius? With the sun via your friendly 11th house of group circles and extended network, you'll likely be in the mood for a night out with your best gals. Libra season is your mingling season.

Something's gotta give, Capricorn.