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He does this sensitively, realising that most readers will have a highly sceptical reaction, which he himself helps examine and explain. He introduces a key distinction between what he calls concretely predictive and archetypally predictive astrology. The former suggests an almost mechanistic determinism, while the latter confers on the human being a co-creative and participatory role with the archetypal forces.

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This is a difficult point for readers to grasp completely, as there is a residual suspicion that the notion of archetypes could be made so flexible as to fit any pattern of events. Tarnas is careful to distinguish between causality and correlation or correspondence.

He suggests that the archetypes of the collective unconscious are ultimately embedded in macrocosm and represented through the planets, whose positive and negative qualities he subsequently explains. He then introduces the general concepts of the natal chart, personal and world transits, cycles and aspects, illustrating these with the charts of prominent individuals. It is clear of that his 30 years of research have yielded an enormous database, only the tip of which appears in the book.


It is impossible to convey the depth and breadth of analysis that Tarnas brings to bear on the patterns of human life and history. Readers must arrive at their own conclusions after reflecting on the material. His erudition is monumental, ranging across history, philosophy, sociology, psychology, science, technology, literature, music, film and the visual arts.

A particularly fascinating aspect of his exposition relates to what he calls sychronic and diachronic manifestations. For instance, patterns of revolutionary emancipation occur in the late 18 th century, the mid th century, the early 20 th century and the s. Correspondingly, there are conservative reactions to these periods.

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In this sense, one can see how future conjunctions could be archetypally predictive, although it is not possible to know exactly what sequences of events will actually occur. What more important message could there be for our time?

Stan Grof & Rick Tarnas on Archetypal Astrology & Human Psyche event

If you want to understand more deeply the currents which have shaped and are shaping our world, then this and passionate, brilliant and luminous book is essential reading. You must be logged in to post a comment. Tags Beinsa Douno education for the future French holiday Gaia holistic science meaning new biology paneurhythmy parenting peace sacred dance ways of knowing. Both men researched for decades, with Tarnas studying the natal charts and transits of cultural figures and historical cycles, culminating in his seminal work, Cosmos and Psyche.

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In essence this application of archetypal astrology considers that the experiences of the birth process will be recapitulated throughout life for further healing and deeper integration of the psyche. Renn Butler researched his book between and Along with Holotropic Breathwork, Butler draws upon important research in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and plant-medicines.

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He also includes each planet connected to the Ascendant and Midheaven. In discussing the archetypal possibilities, he is not just inferring or imagining but, as mentioned above, the work is based on decades-long research into the astrological charts of filmmakers, artists, musicians, along with guiding others in breath work and dream analysis.